Auger boring

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Auger boring

Auger boring is probably one of the oldest horizontal drilling methods for installing steel pipes under an obstacle. Very popular drilling method when soil conditions are favorable, that is to say a homogeneous soil consisting of sand and/or silt and clay. This method also allows gravity drilling and the diameter of the pipes that be installed varies from 400mm to 1350mm.

Here are the different steps for this type of drilling:

Watermain - SewerSteel

Here are some of our achievements in auger boring:

YearCityNo. of drillingsLength (m)Type of pipeType of soilObstacle
2015Farnham130Steel 900mmSoft soilRailway
2016Cowansville230 ea.Steel 750mmSoft soilCulverts
2017Ottawa135Steel 900mmSoft soilRoute 174
2018Brossard140Steel 900mmSoft soilRailway
2019Trois-Rivières136Steel 400mmSoft soilRoad
2020Montréal-Est140Steel 400mmSoft soilRailway