Tunnel Boring

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Tunnel Boring

This method allows gravity drilling for large diameter pipes, that is to say from 1200mm in diameter and over distances of up to 200 meters

Watermain - SewerReinforced concrete pipe (RCP)

Here are some of our achievements in tunnel boring and microtunneling:

YearCityNo. of drillingsLength (m)Type of pipeType of soilObstacle
2016Drummondville156TBA 1200mmSoft soilRailway
2017Ottawa142TBA 1200mmSoft soilRoad
2017Montréal350 ea.TBA 1500mmSoft soilAutoroute 15
2017Québec3165 ea.TBA 2100mmSoft soilBackfill
2018Dorval290 ea.Steel 400mmSoft soilRailway
2019Montréal1420TBA 1375mmSoft soilHighway
2020Montréal1165Steel 1486mmRockAutoroute 40