Rehabilitation of watermains

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Rehabilitation of watermains

Structural lining technology for the trenchless rehabilitation of watermains extends the useful life of the network by installing a liner impregnated with thermosetting resin. This technique helps minimize costs and traffic impacts compared to a traditional replacement method. More specifically, it makes it possible to increase the flow of the network, to restore its structural capacity in addition to resisting corrosion.

Spring 2017:

Foraction inc. becomes the exclusive licensee of CIPP Corporation for Eastern Canada and now works in the field of structural watermain lining by installing the product CIPP H2O©.
Here are the different steps for the trenchless rehabilitation of a watermain using a structural liner:

Product Technical Information

Diameters150 to 1200 mm (6 to 48 inches)
Installation methodAir or water inversion
Polymerization methodCirculation of steam or hot water
Average installation length140 meters
Host pipe conditionsPartially or completely deteriorated
StandardsMeets or exceeds ASTM F1216 and BNQ 1809-400
CertificationsNSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and BNQ 3660-950
Hazen-Williams coefficient> 120
Here are some of our achievements in watermain rehabilitation:
YearCityStreetLength (m)Diameter (mm)
2018MontréalSt-Antoine W.925750
2019Rouyn-NorandaVarious1176150 to 350
2019MontréalVarious1273150 to 200
2020CornwallVarious4017150 to 300
2020MontréalMaisonneuve E. Blvd580750