Directional Drilling

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Directional Drilling

Directional drilling makes it possible to install a pipe under an obstacle, such as a river or a road, without adversely affecting the surrounding environment. Unlike the horizontal drilling technique, it is possible to change the trajectory of the pilot hole such that we can control the drilling curve with great precision in order to avoid potential obstacles. Once the pilot hole is completed, we remove the drill head to replace it with a reamer up to one and a half times the diameter of the pipe. We then remove the drill rods in the opposite direction simultaneously installing of the new pipe.

We have a complete line of equipment designed to meet the needs of all forms of work requiring directional drilling.

Thanks to this equipment, we can undertake simple drilling works requiring a capacity of less than 10,000 pounds (pull back), as well as major works requiring a pulling force of up to 220,000 pounds. In addition, the recycling unit that we use for the drilling mud offers more efficient work and considerably reduces the volume of mud to be disposed of at the end of the work.

Note that this technique is ideal:

No matter what obstacle you face, we have the necessary expertise to perform all of your directional drilling jobs.

Important:  Beforehand, exploration boreholes as well as a complete geotechnical study must be conducted in order to assess all possible difficulties and determine the trajectory of the drilling.


Watermain - SewerPEHD
Here are some of our achievements in

horizontal drilling:

YearCityNo. of drillingsLength (m)Type of pipeType of soilObstacle
2015Gatineau1150PEHD 762mmSoft soilAutoroute 50
de-la- Jacques-Cartier
1228PEHD 762mmSoft soilFossambault river crossing
2016Brossard1115Steel 600mmSoft soilAutoroute 10 crossing
2017Mont Saint-Hilaire1100300mmRockCap Rocheux
2018Beloeil121800PVC 200mmSoft soilRoute 223
2019Terrebonne102500PVC 450mmSoft soilRoad crossing
2020Saint-Hyacinthe7830PVC 300mmSoft soilGrand Rg. St-François